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LTD consultancy services offer you peace of mind for your information management projects and requirements through our tailor made service as we know one solution does not fit all!

As we appreciate Consultancy is an investment for any organisation we pride ourselves on providing added value  for all of our work in a cost effective way.

Our consultants are highly experienced, knowledgeable and qualified professionals with over 150 years of experience working in Data Privacy, Microsoft 365 & SharePoint and the Information Management industry.

Please see below the services we can offer:

Information Architecture in Microsoft 365

The starting point for many systems is creating Information Architecture which supports you with ALL Microsoft 365 projects. Our Microsoft 365 consultants have years of experience working in the industry, and we use Certified Microsoft Consultants to complete the project work.

We lead organisations through the creation of the Information architecture (IA) most appropriate for their business. The goal is to develop the framework that best helps users find information across the organisation and complete tasks within their function – navigating the matrix.

To do this, you need to understand how the pieces fit together to create the larger picture – how items relate to each other within the organisation. Your Information Architecture informs the content strategy through identifying word choice as well as informing user interface design and interaction design with an appreciation of industry standards for creating, storing, accessing and presenting information.

If you are currently rolling out a Microsoft 365 project or have done since the pandemic began and require assistance with the design of your Information Architecture. Book an appointment today.

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Records As a Service

Records and information are increasingly recognised as the fourth asset class, alongside people, finances and physical infrastructure. They are essential for business operations in any organisation. There are legal requirements to create, share, protect, maintain and dispose of records and information. In the digital age, customers and citizens also have expectations about how records and information are used or controlled.

For all of these reasons, records and information must be managed systematically, with accountability and transparency. However, an organisation may not have the resources or internal capability to establish and maintain a records and information management program.

Leadership Through Data offers Records Management as-a-Service to supplement your existing team; or provide more comprehensive support on a short or long-term basis. We aim to ensure business risks and costs are reduced, while our clients obtain greater value from their information every day.

LTD offers three Record Management as-a-Service packages. Choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold for a service that provides the right level of support to match your budget and business priorities. Our services can also be tailored to meet your requirements with flexibility.

Why our clients choose Records Management as-a-Service

  • Maintain your business focus

Records and information management is a supporting function, not the strategic focus of your organisation. Allow our team to support your team, so you can focus time and talent on core business.

  • Minimise costs and reduce overheads

Your organisation may not need a full-time resource – or perhaps your needs can fluctuate. Our team provides expertise and capability when you need it. Outsourcing allows you to avoid the challenges of recruiting and maintaining dedicated records management staff.

  • Manage operational risk and compliance

Our team have wide knowledge of Australian and international standards, laws and policy requirements. Monitor performance and keep on top of reporting requirements. We can review processes to identify and address any compliance gaps.

  • Draw on qualified, expert advice

With practical, real-world experience, our team can develop and support a records management program based on best practices. We can advise on the latest process or technology resources and innovations for continuous improvement.

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Information Asset Management

The pathway towards good Information Asset Management varies by organisation. We apply a proven methodology, based on experience and global research, to create the roadmap best suited to your organisation.

As with any such program of work, it is critical that the program is sponsored by the Executive and communication to all potential participants highlights the objectives and expectations of all participants – leading from the front.

Following communication, we undertake a proven methodology so get in contact and find out more

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Discovery & Project Justification

Because the demand for resources exceeds supply in almost every organisation, the idea of establishing good Information Asset Management policies and practices across the organisation is competing against many other initiatives, many that are front of mind with the Board and Executive Leadership Team.

As the greatest barrier is likely low Executive Awareness of both the risks and opportunities of good Information Asset Management, you need to develop and present a highly persuasive business case.

We can help you to:

  • Consult within the business to gather data and stories on the current situation,
  • Frame a ‘Vision of the Future’ that reflects the potential of good IAM,
  • Determine the most appropriate content and style of the business case,
  • Source estimates for the purchase, implementation and support of potential solutions,
  • Apply use cases that can both identify and quantify the potential benefits,
  • Present the business case to decision-makers and seek input and acceptance,
  • Assist to secure approval and budget.

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Risk Assessment

How well does the organisation measure up against each of the 10 domains of the Information Asset Management Model? Are there opportunities to improve decision making, business productivity and performance? How well is the organisation managing risk and driving competitive advantage?

A Risk Assessment is a rapid, extremely smart and collaborative discovery process that maps and benchmarks your organisation’s current information asset management practices.

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Document & Records Management

The team is skilled in reducing our clients’ operating costs by making the capture, finding, sharing, archiving and disposal of records and documents more efficient.

We can develop a strategy to address all elements of managing your hard copy information.

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Customer Comments

Highly knowledgeable in Privacy and other IG requirements, fun to work with and totally human in their approach.

Head of Information Governance

“Leadership Through Data paired us with the perfect outsourced RM Officer. Having practical experience in every industry we work in, she was able to give practical and effective advice from the very first time we met. She has guided me and reassured our senior managers through the legal aspects of some complex access requests, saving us many, many hours of painstaking work. A big thank you to Leadership Through Data.  

Information Management Champion, Charity

LTD is the best route to simplifying Privacy compliance. Their work and explanation have made, what was, a complicated requirement into such an easy to manage process. Their skills are second to none and are great fun to work with. If you want to find the best way to become compliant with your business, they are without a doubt the people to speak to.

Company Director

I am so pleased that we engaged with Leadership Through Data to help us! The work LTD carried out has enabled me to break down the various tasks that we need to complete to become compliant.

Company Director