Have you heard of Microsoft Build – Microsoft’s annual event where you can explore new developer technologies and techniques that will drive your vision? This year’s Microsoft Build event took place on the 24-26th of May. While the core audience for this event are experienced app developers, some information from this event is also relevant for us, information and records managers.

Check out this ketchup of Microsoft Build 2022 sessions on the latest features, tools and capabilities available for information and records management. To view these sessions, register with you work account, personal Microsoft account or via LinkedIn.

Using AI With Documents: Syntex, AI Builder & Azure Cognitive Services

In this session you’ll learn how to take advantage of the latest innovations in artificial intelligence from Microsoft, including Research, Azure Cognitive Services, Power Platform, and Microsoft 365, to build applications that process documents, extract metadata, and more. You’ll see the latest innovations from Microsoft for document processing. Best of all, you’ll come to understand how to use all of these capabilities together to create stunning new experiences for managing content.

Link: Using AI With Documents: Syntex, AI Builder & Azure Cognitive Services (microsoft.com)


Leverage new Compliance APIs for eDiscovery scenarios and custom workflows

Microsoft Graph provides a rich set of APIs, and a new set of Graph APIs built specifically for eDiscovery and compliance scenarios are enabling customers to meet complex compliance requirements in new ways. Watch this session to learn how to solve challenging problems such as mass simultaneous collections from multiple apps and users, collection of Teams conversations and cloud attachments, and workflow automation to ensure repeatable and predictable management of complex and time sensitive processes.

Link: https://mybuild.microsoft.com/en-US/sessions/a777261b-ceff-49c3-8071-c057838f62c5


Automate and customise retention and deletion scenarios

Many customers have niche or specialised requirements for managing the retention and deletion of data. Watch this session to learn about how you can use the new Microsoft Graph APIs and Power Automate integration to extend Microsoft Information Governance and Records Management into your own apps and processes.

Link: https://mybuild.microsoft.com/en-US/sessions/d64152b0-e4fc-4c1a-919e-e718028ac475

Extend compliance and privacy to multi-cloud environments

Check out this product roundtable discussion on multi-cloud compliance, risk and privacy related scenarios using Connectors, APIs, and Power Automate integrations.

Link: https://mybuild.microsoft.com/en-US/sessions/586e4cc0-d785-451a-a8f2-ff07f92c2d02

A guided journey into AI

Do you feel like an explorer in uncharted territory with all the different terminology around the area of Artificial Intelligence? Don’t despair!  Watch this session to learn how modern AI advances allow us to combine natural language and vision to see what a neural network can imagine. Come get some inspiration and find out where to go next to learn about exciting AI topics!

Link: https://mybuild.microsoft.com/en-US/sessions/511497ae-c8f2-48a6-9961-b34b2f284bd5

The information management power of the latest Microsoft 365 technologies is truly inspiring!

Check out a list of our courses that will help you to learn more about using the Microsoft 365 toolbox for solving information and records management challenges in your organisation.