As a result of the pandemic, many organisations rapidly pivoted to remote working. This shift was made possible by a variety of great technologies, that enabled the wheels of government and business to keep turning, even during lockdown.

Microsoft Teams and other aspects of M365 are now pretty much woven into the fabric of our days.

What used to be called “new ways of working” is now seen as the “new normal”. It’s unlikely we’ll ever completely return to the old ways, now we’re used to so much flexibility, collaboration and connection across geography and time zones.

That speedy transition left most of us with little time for careful planning and configuration. We were glad to have so much capability at our fingertips, out of the box. But now it’s important to get your governance in place.

We all know how emails and shared drives got away, and we’ve struggled to manage them ever since. The good news is – with MS Teams and M365 – you have a way forward to achieve compliance. There are lots of techniques to bring files, channels and chat under control, even retrospectively.

A few things to think about:

  • Was there anything you did plan in advance?
  • Do you know how the default settings work?
  • What’s the current process for people to set up a brand new Team?

In this webinar, we openly discuss challenges and solutions as a group. It’s “Chatham House Rules” (and not recorded) so everyone can participate freely.

If you didn’t make it today, we are re running this session again on Wednesday 17th of January 12pm Sydney/Melbourne be sure to join us book now.